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Live Streamed Yoga Classes

We are pleased to offer a large archive of  US Open Classes as well daily live streamed classes. The charge is $15 for a one week trial pass or $35 per month for an unlimited recurring monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time. Your account is accessed at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the EYE icon.

Our live streamed yoga classes are primarily intended for students who have a regular yoga practice and not beginners.

You can access the live stream and the archived classes by clicking on the links here or in the navigation menu above. You will then be asked for your credit card or PayPal information. If you encounter problems either with billing or access please contact us at help@usyogalive.com.

Thank you for your support in these challenging times. The classes will be very familiar with Jivamukti practitioners as we are an evolution of the Jivamukti Lineage. Explorations replaces the Focus of the Month in open classes.

“Thank you so much as always for your wonderful classes and kind,  compassionate, intelligent teachers.” Deborah

Urban Sadhu Yoga
Urban Sadhu Yoga Jersey City

Sample Live Streamed Class

We have 3 classes daily in the studio and 4 on the weekends.
Most of these are streamed live and then put into the archive of classes.

Weekly Schedule

Classes are taught by Urban Sadhu Yoga Instructors
Mon -Friday (weekdays)
7am Urban Sadhu Express Mon Tues Thurs
9:15am Open (75min) Mon Tues Thurs
10:00am Open (75min) Wed Fri
6:00pm Open (95min)

9:30 Urban Sadhu Express
11:00am Open (75 min)
1:00am Open (75 min)
3:00pm Yin (75min)

10:00am Open (75 min)
12:00pm Open (75 min)
2:00pm Open (75 min)