What is US Yoga Live?
Urban Sadhu Yoga Live is a service that provides live streaming of classes that take place at Urban Sadhu Yoga Jersey City. The idea came about when students who are regular practitioners at the studio moved out of the area and told us how much they missed the studio and the teachers. For the most part these students have moved to areas where there is no comparable studio and they wanted to stay connected to a practice that they have grown to love and appreciate.

The service is intended for those students as well as current students who may be traveling for work or pleasure. Parents who have no baby sitter and need to stay home with young children can also take advantage of the service. It has become a valuable resource for those who prefer to practice from home during the COVID pandemic. It is however not a replacement for an in-studio practice.

How much does it cost?
The classes are charged at a rate of $15 for 1 week access to the live-stream and the class archive. This allows students to either participate in the current live-streamed class and also gives access to the archived classes for that month. It is a NO REFUND policy and payment can be made via credit card, PayPal and several other payment options.

Why isn’t the service included with unlimited memberships?
We do not want to encourage to stay home and think of the Live Stream as a replacement for coming in to the studio. There is no substitute for being in class with a real teacher and other students. For in-person practitioners at Urban Sadhu Yoga (urbansadhuyoga.com), we do offer live-streamed classes as a part of membership packages.

Is there be a subscription option available?
There is an ongoing subscription available for a $35 charge per month. It is automatically activated after the 1-week trial if you do not cancel before the week trial is over. You can cancel this at any time by accessing your account at the bottom of the screen.

What is the difference between live and archived classes?
The unique thing about the service is that classes are really ‘live’ and happening in real time. This makes them feel real and intimate. It also is unlike canned yoga videos where everything is perfect. We have gone to great efforts to provide high quality video and sound to enhance the experience.

The archived classes are available on the site for one month. This allows students in other countries and time zones to take advantage of them if they cannot participate at the live streaming time and also gives students the opportunity to experience other teachers. It may also be useful for those interested in discovering more about Urban Sadhu Yoga and the method.

What happens if the stream is interrupted for a technical reason?
The stream is extremely reliable but if you have a technical issue on your end please Email us at help@usyogalive.com